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Welcome to Cooperation - for employees

This is the first tour employees go on when they first sign in. They are shown their schedule, their contact info & preferences, how to set their availability, and how to access the help system.

If you were logged in you could take this tour interactively
  1. Hi

    Welcome to Cooperation

    We need some basic information from you to get you set up.

    This panel gives instructions on how to input your info and learn more about using this system to receive the schedule, make shift trades with co-workers, and write messages.

    Click Contact info & preferences
  2. Confirm basics

    Please double check that we have your name, email address, and phone number right. The schedule is sent to your email by default, but can also be sent to your phone via text or call.

    Please double check your:
    • preferred name
    • email address
    • and at least one phone number
    Then click Next to continue.
  3. Set your password

    Your email address and a password let you sign in to the site

    Click the Set password button. Then enter a password you can remember.
  4. Upload profile pic

    (Optional) Upload a profile pic so your co-workers can see who they're talkling with.

    This photo will appear everywhere your name is written, so make sure to show your pearly whites!

    (Optional) Click the Choose profile pic button & upload a picture

    Or click the Next if you want to leave it for later

  5. Update Contact Preferences

    Tell us when and how you'd like to be contacted when a new schedule is published, or when a co-worker wants to offer a shift trade.

    We recommend you choose at least one method in each row.

    Review the settings and make whatever changes you like then click Next.
  6. Open the availability section

    Every Roles has shifts associated with it, and all Employees have availability. When we have both pieces of information we can begin to match employees into shifts they are available & qualified for.

    Use the Repeat tab to create multiple shifts at the same time.

    Please click Availability to open the calendar and create a event
  7. Please tell us when you are available

    The instructions in the blue box say how to create an event. We really recommend learning to use repeat events whenever you can because then you'll be getting the computer to do the work for you

    Please enter your availability by following the instructions in the blue box. Then click Next.
  8. Thanks

    Thanks for teaching us how to get ahold of you and when you're available for work. Here are some other things you might want to learn how to do.

    You do not have to do these now. When you want to do them you can find them in the Tutorials section of the help system.

Ask us a question.

We will respond promptly.

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