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Update the schedule

This tour takes you through updating the schedule

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  1. Switch to the schedule page

    The Schedule page is where you make and review the schedule. You can also enter your demand forecast if you want our help deciding how many people to assign, or want to use that data in reports.

    Right now we are just going to create the schedule and then send a copy of it to you.

    1. Please click Schedule in the navigation bar.
    2. Click the "Schedule" link.
  2. Update the schedule

    Like most things technological there is a chance something will happen that you don't expect. Things like someone will be in the wrong shift, no one will be scheduled, to many people will be scheduled, etc. If that happens you should reach out to us for some guidance.

    Please click the Update Schedule button.
  3. Review the schedule

    Review the schedule to see if your new shifts are there and some employees are being scheduled into them.

    • You can change the assignments by clicking on the shift.
    • We can help you tweak settings so you'll need to make fewer changes.
    • The   means that the shift has not been published yet.
    • Published shifts have a .
    Give the schedule a once over before moving on to the next step.
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