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Trade a shift to everyone available

This is an easy way to unload a shift you either can't or don't want to work. Everyone qualified and available will be notified that your shift is up for grabs. If no one accepts then you must work the shift

  1. Navigate to your schedule

    On your schedule page you can review your assignments and make trades

    1. Click the logo in the center of the menu at the top of the screen to change to your overview page
  2. Choose a shift to trade

    To offer a trade you have to do these things

    1. choose the shift to trade
    2. choose whether you want to trade it to a specific person or offer it to everyone
    3. write a note to the recipient(s)
    4. send the trade

    In this tutorial we walk you through the process of offering the shift to specifc people

    Find the shift you want to trade then
    1. Click the shift to see its details
    2. Then click the "Offer trades" button.
  3. Click the Offer To Everyone tab

    When you offer a trade to someone you can ask for a shift in return. When you offer it to everyone you don't get anything in return except goodwill

    Click the Offer to everyone tab
  4. Add a note to your trade offer

    We will send this note along with the date, time, and role details of the shift you are offering

    Enter a short note then click Next.
  5. Offer the trade

    After you offer the trade we will contact all the people you want to trade and let them know about your offer.

    Trades are filled on a first come, first served basis.

    You can cancel specific offers to people if you change your mind but once someone accepts your offer there is nothing we can do

    Click Offer this trade to send the trade
  6. You have finished the trade offer

    We make shifts with trades look different so you have an easier time finding them in the list

    We remove the and put in a instead

    click Next to move on to the next part
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