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Review trades you have sent

When you have sent some trades you may want to review them and even cancel the offers. Here is how you do that. Note that once one of your offers for a shift is accepted the other offers are cancelled automatically by us

  1. Navigate to your schedule

    On your schedule page you can review your assignments and make trades

    1. Click the logo in the center of the menu at the top of the screen to change to your overview page
  2. Choose a shift to with offers to review

    When you want to see trades you've sent or accept a trade offer you can find it in your schedule and then click on it.

    Click the shift and then click the Review trades button.

  3. See what trade offers you have out for this shift

    You can see, accept, & cancel trade offers on the Trade offers tab

    Click the Trade offers tab.

    Then click Next to continue.

  4. Cancel, or just review trades you have for this shift

    This table shows which trades for this shift are still open or not.

    It is the place to come if you want to cancel a trade offer through the web

    If you want to cancel a trade do that here by clicking the X next to the trade in the table.

    Otherwise click Next to continue

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