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Add an employee

This tour walks you through the process of getting an employee completely set up and available to be scheduled for all of your roles.

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  1. Switch to the employees page

    On the employees page you can see all employees in the system, add employees & access their profiles.

    1. Please click Company in the navigation bar.
    2. Click the Employees link.
    3. Click the Back to Employee list link in the top left
  2. Create an employee

    Once you've entered some employees and some roles we can get to the interesting part, making the schedule.

    Please click the Create new employee button to create a new employee.
  3. Name the employee

    Please enter the employee's preferred name (what they like to be called). Then click Next.
  4. Open the availability section

    Every Roles has shifts associated with it, and all Employees have availability. When we have both pieces of information we can begin to match employees into shifts they are available & qualified for.

    Use the Repeat tab to create multiple shifts at the same time.

    Please click Availability to open the calendar and create a event
  5. Enter the employee's availability

    By creating events you're letting us know when this employee is available for work

    Use the repeat tab to create multiple events

    Please create at least one event for this employee. Then click Next.
  6. Open the Qualifications section

    Some roles require that the employees have certain qualifications in order to work.

    Qualifications can be professional or state mandated licences or internal qualifications (e.g. Can operate a backhoe).

    Only those employees qualified to work a role will be scheduled

    Please click Qualifications
  7. Set their qualifications

    If they dont have all of the required qualifications for a role then they won't be scheduled

    Ensure that this employee has the necessary qualifications, then click Next.

    Be sure to set the appropriate expiration date for qualifications that expire.

  8. Open the proficiency, seniority, & wages section

    By entering employee training information we can ensure that important shifts are covered. We use proficiency, seniority, qualifications, and management preferences to determine the best uses for your team.

    Please click Proficiency, seniority, and wages to set this employee's proficiency in the roles you've created thus far.
  9. Rate the employee

    Click to see how we use the employees proficiency, wage, and seniority.

    Please enter employee's:

    • Proficiency
    • Current wage
    • Seniority date
    • Scheduling status

    in the roles they are qualified for.

  10. Open the Shift Preferences section

    Employee shift preferences are important. When people are scheduled to work when they prefer to work they are more likely to have good attitude.

    Click Shift Preferences
  11. Enter any shift preferences you know already

    Employees can give a shift a thumbs up () or a thumbs down () to indicate whether they like a shift or not. No thumbs means they're neutral on it.

    Isn't it nice to have a spot to see when each employee likes to work?

    Click the Edit button to begin editing.

    When you are finished, click Save and then Next

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