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Add a reminder to a message

Reminders can be added to messages. When the reminder comes due you (and the other recipients) will be notified. Reminders can be added for any reason

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  1. Open the Messages page

    On the messages page you can read and write messages to co-workers. You can also create reminders for yourself and others

    Please click your name in the navigation bar and then click Messages.
  2. Show the list of messages you've written

    You can only edit messages you've written, so we need to show you that list before continuing

    Click the From Me link on the right
  3. Choose a message from the list shown

    After you choose a message we will show you how to edit it to add a reminder.

    You can also use the links in the Tags sand Archive section to filter the list of messages shown.

    Click the title of the message you want to edit
  4. Edit the message

    A message's author can edit the message content at any time. One of the things you can do is add a reminder.

    You can change the recipients. You cannot "unpublish" a message. If you need to do that your only choice is to delete it.

    Next to your name by the title click Edit
  5. Add a reminder to the message

    Reminders are sent to everyone that can read the message. You can choose how to receive messages in your profile.
    Click Add a reminder
  6. Choose when to be reminded

    You automatically get reminders about license renewals and shifts. Here you can create your own reminders for yourself or other co-workers.

    Set the time you'd like the reminder to be sent. The click Add to add the reminder and continue.
  7. Save the message

    Once you save the published message we will send it to the recipients and add it to the search engine.

    click the Save button
  8. See all the messages written thus far

    Once you've saved the message you can get back to the message list by clicking the Show all link on the right

    Click the Show all link on the right
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