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If an activity is not being scheduled or not being scheduled properly

Here are some things to check:

  1. Check the Activity Calendar

    Make sure the events for this activity have been correctly set up. Check the start dates for the event to be sure it has been started on the correct dates and the times are right.

  2. Check that Management's Shift Preferences are set appropriately

    The default for this parameter is 0 which means 'don't schedule'. You must set up preferences for each shift. Even if you have no particular preference you must put a value greater than 1. If you have added employees to this activity without updating your preferences they will be set at 0 for preferences and will not be scheduled.

    • click on Activities and then select
  3. Check your minimum and maximum hours per shift and maximum number of hours per w

    Select Settings and then and ensure that the values for , and are correct

If all of these seem correct, take a look at set the schedule priority for this activity to make sure you have put this activity where you want it in importance.

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