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If an employee is unable to log in to the website

If either the email address or password entered is incorrect, the employee will get a message on the screen when s(he) attempts to log in that says:

The email address you entered was incorrect. Please try again.

  1. Click on Employees
  2. Open the contact information form on the Employee Profile

    Click Employee's Name Contact Info

  3. Make sure the email address entered is correct
    • If employee is available to confirm, send them an email directly from Cooperation by clicking on their name on the Employee Table and see
      if they get it.
    • If they do not receive this, have them verify their email address
      again and make the necessary corrections.
  4. If employee has forgotten their password

    If an employee has forgotten their password you can send them an email that resets their password. You cannot look it up for them, it is encrypted in the system; the only thing you can do is send them a reset email.

    1. Click
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