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Get time off by trading shifts.

  1. Click on at the bottom right hand corner of each shift to open the Trade Shifts Dialog.
  2. The Trade Shift dialog gives you two options

    At the top of the Trade Shifts dialog the specifics about the shift are shown and you are offered two choices

    • offer your shift to somone on the list or
    • offer your shift to everyone
  3. Offer your shift to someone on the list
    • To trade with one or more specific people, click on the Trade with Someone tab.
    • The names on the list are people who are both qualified and available according to their availability calendar
    • Select the person you want to offer it to by clicking on the next to their name.

    Sometimes the person you want to trade with has a shift on a different date or time that s(he) can trade with you. Other times they will not have anything to trade in return. The system will tell you the options available.

    • If you want to trade one shift for another that this person has, click on the start and finish times you are trading for. Then click on on
    • If you just want the time off, click on .
  4. Offer your shift to everyone qualified

    Employees can also offer your shift to 'everyone' who is qualified and available to work. Cooperation will send an email to everyone who is qualified to work and who has indicated on their profile that they will pick up extra shifts through trading.

    • To offer a trade to everyone who is qualified and available, employees click on the Trade with Everyone tab.
    • Employees can add a note, if {they wish, to their trade offer.
    • To send the trade offer click on .
  5. Make sure your trade is accepted prior to the deadline

    Trades must be completed before a shift starts. The default deadline is 1 hour before the shift starts. The specifc date and time of the deadline for your trade will be shown at the bottom of the Trade Shifts dialog.

    • When the trade has been accepted Your Summary will be updated and you should receive an email confirming the trade.

    • If the trade has not been accepted by the deadline, you are still responsible for working your shift.

    • to review trade offers click on

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