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Set the scheduling priority order for an activity

Scheduling Order can be extremely important when fine tuning the automatically generated schedule. It is critical in ensuring that your best people are placed into the most important shifts.

There are two ways to order shifts: simple and detailed.

Simple ordering lets you specify the most important weekday, then for each day specify the most important jobs. It is often enough for most fine tuning needs.

Detailed ordering allows you to rank order every shift based by dates rather than just days of the week and can be more complex to set up but affords you the most control.

In both systems you only have to set the orders once and then Cooperation automatically copies the ordering as necessary. If you want to adjust the scheduling order for holidays, or times when you expect to be significantly more or less busy than usual, use Detailed Ordering.

  1. Click on Roles
  2. Click >
  3. Adjust the Simple scheduling order
    1. Rank the days in order from most important (lowest) to least important (highest)

      The automatic scheduler goes in order through these dates when choosing whom to schedule when. Ties are OK and broken randomly.

    2. Rank the roles from most important (lowest) to least important (highest)

      After choosing the day to schedule (in the order set in the "day" table), the scheduler then schedules the roles in this order. Its not that any job is less important than another this just ensure that people with more skill and experience are more likely to be available for the important shifts

    3. Click on the toolbar to save your changes.

    If you find you need more control switch to the Detailed scheduling order by choosing Detailed from the dropdown above the tables

  4. Adjust the Detailed scheduling order

    Using Detailed Ordering you can rank each roles's shift on each day by date. You are creating a ranking of all of the shifts that need to be scheduled each week. The most important shift should be ranked #1, and the next most important #2 and so on. You can copy the ranking from week to week making any minor changes as you go.

    Since this is complicated work, be sure to save your progress as you go.

    Please be careful Clicking these buttons:

    right now can cause you to lose unsaved progress by replacing unsaved values with previous values stored in the system.

    1. Filter the list for the role you're interested in (or use All)

      Select the name of the role from the dropdown list on the toolbar.

      When you have several roles or shifts there can be a lot of scrolling while editing the detailed scheduling order. Filtering by role makes it easier.

    2. For each shift, change its rank to one that makes sense for your needs

      Enter 1 against the shift that is the most important and then each subsequent number is less important. Be sure to number all the shifts.

    3. Click on the toolbar to save your changes.


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