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Create calendar events
     a. Click on + New shift on'Day'

  1. Create repeat calendar events from a single entry

    If you want the event to repeat on different days at the same time as the first day, you can use the Repeat Event function.

    1. Click on the Repeat Event tab to open the Repeat Event window
    2. Edit repeat parameters

      Choose your desired settings. If this is an existing event, check which days are already selected and correct or add the appropriate days. If it is a new event, add the appropriate parameters. If you don't see your preferred interval, choose the closest interval to see additional customization options.

    3. Set end dates for repeated calendar events

      Check the appropriate radio button or enter a value in the Ends after or End by fields to create the correct number of events in your series, including the initial event. Or click the radio button for no end date.

      Enter an end date to make sure that the series does not repeat past that date. If your series doesn't end evenly on that date (such as a weekly event on Wednesdays, where the end date is a Friday), Cooperation will end the series on the nearest event date before this date.

    4. Click on when you have finished entering all the parameters for this event.
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