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Using the guide

The Guide uses all the defaults in the Settings profile which you can access by clicking on and selecting Settings from the short menu. The defaults are set at the most frequently used values, however they may not be the best for your organization. Before you use the Set Up Guide you may want to scan through the different forms on the Settings Profile. These can always be changed later but some choices will make additional forms or fields available, so it's worth a look to see if you need to change any of these.

  • if your organization has employees who work in different locations, you will want to add Locations in the Settings.
  • if you want to use the forecasted demand feature, you need to turn Forecasting on in the Settings profile so the fields will be available when setting up an activity.
  • if you will want Cooperation to send notifications to employees via email or sms you need to turn these Features on in the Settings profile.
  • If you want to change the terms and names used by Cooperation before you get started, you need to do this on the Names form in the Settings profile.
  • When you are first setting up your system, it's a good idea to leave the Automatic Publishing field set at No. You can turn this on when you're ready to start publishing schedules.
  • For ease of use, on the Scheduling form, set the Automatically Update the Schedule field to Yes so you will see the effect of changes you make right away and set the correct day of the week for your Schedule Start Day .
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