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About Cooperation

Cooperation is dedicated to making the job of scheduling teams and organizations as a whole, as painless as can be. We've set it up so that once the basic information is entered about

  • The job
  • The requirements for the job
  • When the job needs to be done
  • The employees
  • The employees' qualifications
  • When employees are available to work

and a bit more information to link it all together, Cooperation will create a schedule that meets the needs of your organization. Our goal is to help you have the right people in the right place at the right time. And to make that an easier job than it's been for both administrators and employees.

Of course, we recognize that simply creating a schedule is not enough. People get sick, have accidents, take holidays etc. and each week brings its own headaches to whoever is responsible for the schedule.

At Cooperation, our goal is to reduce and hopefully eliminate the headaches by putting access to the scheduling process in the hands of the users.

Employee can use Cooperation and see who is available to take their shift or to trade shifts with them. They can make the changes on line and it's done. Cooperation has enough checks and balances that ensure employees can only make changes that comply with the requirements of that particular job at that particular time. Of course Administrators can oversee these changes themselves if they prefer.

Does it mean that the Administrator will never have to get involved again? Unfortunately no. Not never, but certainly a lot less often than if scheduling was being done manually. As everyone gets more familiar and comfortable with the application they will use it more often when they have a personal time conflicts.

    We put together some How To instructions and a few tutorials to help you get started. These can be found on every page of the site and also on the Help screen.

    Help can be accessed anywhere in the system by doing one of the following:

    1. Click on Help on the toolbar for help on the page you are working on. If you can't find what you're looking for try to
      • Click on the button on the toolbar to access the knowledge base.

    Or to access the Knowledge Base directly:

    Ask us a question.

    We will respond promptly.

    Include your email address so we can follow up